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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Commissioners Developing County Paving Plan

By Sid Riley

Each Commissioner Designates First Priority For Paving In Their District

At Tuesday’s regular meeting of the Jackson County Commission, paving was a hard issue. The Commission has dedicated itself to embark on a paving program using the one cent sales tax revenues to begin to increase the percentage of paved roads and decrease the percentage of dirt roads in Jackson County. They have developed a road priority rating based on population density, average usage, and proximity to other paved roads.
In order to assure the paving funds are spent in a manner which treats the citizens of each county district equally, the commissioners have decided to allocate a certain amount of funds in each paving cycle to each district for the Commissioner who represents each district to direct to the appropriate road project. At Tuesday’s meeting each Commissioner determined what roads were to be the initial project for their district. These were:
- District 5, Commissioner Pittman - Sylvania Plantation Road- Blue Springs to Highway 69, 4.5 Miles
- District 4, Commissioner Branch - Old Spanish Trail to Inwood Road, 1.0 miles and Compass Lake Drive, 2.5 Miles
- District 3, Commissioner Lockey - Bump Nose Road, 4.5 Miles Total
- District 2, Commissioner Crutchfield - Bethlehem Rd.- Hwy 167 to Hwy 276, 3.5 miles
- District 1, Commissioner Spires - Undetermined
At this week’s meeting the Commissioners voted approval for the Purchasing Department and the Engineering Department to obtain preliminary bids for the Sylvania Plantation Road paving project. This data will also help them in planning the costs for future paving.

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